Driven by passion and a die-hard “I love Nigeria Mentality” our founder, though an Engineer by profession, went ahead to register Tamorel Limited with CAC in 2010 as a manufacturing company.

Her believe is that

* Nigeria too can become like other developed country with vibrant cottage and standard industries.

* The average Nigerian deserves wholesome hygienic and readily available locally grown herbs, fruits and crops

* Being Nigerian, does not necessarily mean that quality and standard should be compromised for Profit.


However, it was not until 2013 when she got her eureka moment as to what the company’s Flagship product would be. Being self-funded, it took another 3 years for the factory to be set up, relevant certification to be obtained and for actual production to commence. Tamorel Limited is an Indigenous 100% Nigerian company that has pitched her tent in the highly unchartered agro processing landscape of locally grown consumable goods.

Our Mission

We work hard every day to produce, package and provide wholesome uncontaminated spice, herbs, fruit and food made from the very best of locally grown Nigerian produce

Our Vision

To be the No 1 provider of healthful and beneficial powdered chili pepper to the Nigerian Consumers within the next 5 years.
To be a major player in the Nigerian value adding industry for locally grown herbs, fruits, vegetables and food crops in the next 10 years
To become a foremost Agro processing Company that gives hope to cottage farmers within the next 15 years.


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