A Brief History
Traditionally, Chili pepper was sourced daily from farms and used fresh. Societal growth and migration however mandated its bulk cultivation and subsequent movement from farm to organized markets. Expectedly, varying distance of transportation couple with supply being more than demand induced waste that necessitated preservation.

One of the oldest forms of preservation method was employed i.e. drying. Notwithstanding, dried Chili pepper also presented its own limitation as in its culinary ease usage couple with the high risk of long storage that often leads to loss of potency and bacteria formation when expose to water. To this end, added processing of grinding was employed, and thus birth Chili Pepper Powder.

Health Benefit

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Health Benefit

An adage as old as time that is passed on from one generation to the other by the Yoruba Tribe of Western Nigeria attest to the health benefits of Chili, long before Science started attesting to the fact.

The Adage… “ A life without Chili..will be a short life”

Interestingly, documented research in recent times celebrate this fruit pod of the Capsicum pepper plant.
Chili peppers are high in Vitamins ( A, B6, C, and K1) and minerals ( Potassium and Copper). In addition, it also contains other bioactive compound like Capsanthin, capsaicin, sinapic and ferulic acid which are great antioxidants that helps fight chronic diseases..

Chili pepper powder is either sourced in the open market from would be sellers or made by end user willing to go through the process of purchasing the dried pepper and then taking same to the grinders, which is simile time consuming in our currently fast paced world.
In the market, powdered chili pepper is normally exposed to the environment without fear of contamination. Furthermore, traditional sellers are unmonitored, as such, different unethical and unhygienic methods are used to produced powdered chili pepper for unsuspecting consumer.

Consequently, most traditional sellers and would-be fresh line entrepreneurs who make same available in varying packaged form in their drive for profitability, go to all lengths, mixing different things including colouring, seedlings, kolanuts and what not may.

Least is to say that most consumers want the convenient of fast inexpensive purchases, as such they often have no choice but to purchase the ones found in the markets that are unwholesome and mostly contaminated.

Furthermore, available brands and viable competitors have not been able to solve all these problems i.e wholesomeness, readily availability to the streaming masses and pricing all at once completely. Whilst on one hand we have the up-to standard brands that can be said to be wholesome but priced too highly for the general

masses, on the other side are traditional sellers that have just added packaging to the existing market options, whose drive for profitability supersedes wholesomeness and health consideration of the end user.
A brand that takes care of the flaws of all existing market choices would be a great fit, but no one is offering it yet.

Solution: Sam Chili Pepper

Our brand: SAM CHILI PEPPER was birth to take care of both the short fall of traditionally marketed powdered chili pepper and the limitations of existing competitors.
Thus, Tamorel Limited offers a chili pepper powder brand that

Has no added Colouring
as no added Kolanut
Is made from wholesome pepper and not seeds
Is made under a strict monitored flow process environment
Is packaged in a tamper-proof pack that protects the quality of product for the consumer
Is packaged in different packsizes for all classes consumer
Is made hygienically in a NAFDAC certified factory with internationally acceptable standardized food grade stainless steel Machinery