The Colours used for and on our packages are symbolic. White pouch attest to our commitment to purity and high health standards. Green wording of SAM CHILI… attest to our commitment to always use LOCALLY GROWN RAW MATERIALS. Red lettering and picture is to let our consumer know that we are concern about their wellbeing and that we pledge to always push out products that will not compromise their health on the altar of profit. Black the universal colour of communication says “ our ears are open for coveted feedback”

Available Pack Sizes

We currently have four available pack sizes, Two packsize in standup ziploc pouches and the other two in tear - off single use sachets. All with clear windows. Please note that contrary to the market trends in our sector, what we write on our pack is what you get. We do not write 20g and give you 10 or 12 g.

In short, weigh indication on ALL our packages are not decorative but factual.


As first inline, our 250g pack size is packaged in an internationally acceptable food grade standup Ziploc aluminum pouch with clear window. The clear window lets you see first-hand what you are buying. We are confident in our offer and has nothing to hide. This size is the ideal size for the Chili lover, kitchen diva chef and periodic shopper.


Like the 250G it is also packaged in an internationally acceptable food grade standup Ziploc aluminum pouch with clear window, this size is for the frequent shopper.


This packsize is a Tearoff single use sachet with clear window. It means that even with our sachets, we make it possible for the consumer to see what they are buying. This size is ideal for the occasional cook and/or the price conscious shopper who still want some chili in there lives.


This package size is in answer to our listen ears. Our Consumers wanted yet a smaller package, and we went ahead to create one. 10G retails for between 40-45 naira per sachet. It is the packsize for the masses and is affordable to ALL.